PLMA’s 2024 World of Private Label – Amsterdam 2024

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PLMA’s 2024 World of Private Label – Amsterdam 2024



Thank you for visiting us at PLMA’s annual World of Private Label International Trade Show – Amsterdam 2024!

Private-label brands and products for industrial customers – By continuously investing in uncompromising product quality, Nutrifit FOOD has positioned itself as one of the leading distributors and reliable partners when it comes to placing products under private labels of major retail chains. The presence on both domestic and demanding foreign markets is a proof of the excellent price-quality ratio of the provided products. Having a factory equipped with modern technology guarantees quality control and distinctive taste that customers will come back to again and again. The product range encompasses various segments of private-label brand products.

The wide range of products includes jams, extra jams, organic jams, marmalades, jellies, fruit spreads, compotes, fruit purees, natural juices. We pay special attention to the origin of raw materials and high production standards, providing great support to local producers. Year after year, Nutrifit FOOD experiences significant growth, accompanied by the continuous expansion of sales channels, satisfied clients and new distribution channels.

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